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Company History 1906-2010


Elgo's business (formerly called Lego) was founded in 1906 in Russia by Zusman Lemelshtrich who later immigrated to Israel in 1920 to set up a factory in Tel Aviv.

Zusman was a creative innovator and received medals for his innovations in 1910 in Ukraine and in 1911 in Rome, by the king of Italy.

Zusman soon realized that the land of Israel was dry, situated at the edge of the desert, and began to invent and later on

produce sprinklers and irrigation solutions. He registered his first patents in Israel.
In the early thirties, Zusman was joined in business by his son Moshe, and together laid the foundation of the international activities of Elgo's business.

In the fifties, Elgo led the irrigation industry in using special plastic materials for the production of sprinklers for both garden and agricultural markets.

In 1973, the third generation of the Lemelshtrich family, Noam, joined his father at Elgo.

Dr. Noam Lemelshtrich completed his engineering studies at Stanford University and received his Doctorate at MIT in 1973.

Under Noam's management, Elgo placed special emphasis on research and development, especially in the areas of water saving products and developed key patents in the field of pulse irrigation.

Elgo has gone public in 1993 and in 1998 control was acquired by Haifa Chemicals, one if Israel's leading companies.

In 2009, control in the company was acquired by Dr. Avi Shemesh and Uria Feuchtwanger. Acting as CEO and Chairman, Shemesh and Feuchtwanger, veterans in the Israeli Industry, bring a combined experience of many years of managerial marketing and financial activity in Israel, Europe, US and others.

Today, Elgo is proud to continue this tradition of innovation and excellence, and is considered to be a leader in developing water saving products along with bringing new concepts to the market.


"We were impressed with the immense amount of knowledge that the company has accumulated", says Feuchtwanger.

"We take pride in being part of the history of this company, and our goal is to leverage Elgo's knowledge and experience to the benefit of its customers", he added.