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Water Saving Tips

Tip 1


Water early morning or late in the day to avoid evaporation. Water evaporates quicker at midday.

Tip 2
Do not water when it’s not needed; stick a finger into the soil to find out if it is dry.

Tip 3
Check and maintain the system on a regular basis.

Tip 4
Space emitters to apply water evenly.

Tip 5
Place emitters where they are needed. Make sure they water plants, not outdoor furnishing, pathways or windows.

Tip 6
Do not mix different types of emitters on one watering zone. For example, do not mix drippers with sprayers or sprinklers.

Tip 7
Do not place too many emitters (insufficient water will come out) or too few (will result in high pressure and wasted water) on one line.

Tip 8
Watering plants less frequently, but more thoroughly assists them developing deep root systems which are better equipped to seek out moisture in the soil.

Tip 9
Water directly at the plants base where the water is needed rather than the leaves.

Tip 10
Divide the system into zones as required by garden size, flow rates or planting scheme.

Tip 11
Use “an ELGO” water timer to automatically turn on/off water in case you forget.

Tip 12
Install a rain switch or soil moisture sensors to override automatic controllers.

Tip 13
Look for blocked nozzles, plant growth and leaks.

Tip 14
Fit a water butt and save hundreds(!!) of litters of rainwater in wet periods to use when your garden needs it most.

Tip 15
Applying a layer of mulch, like bark chips, helps prevent water evaporating before reaching the roots.

Tip 16
Fit an “ELGO” water stop connector to the end of your hose so the water flow stops automatically as soon as you disconnect your spray gun or any other watering device.