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About Us


Established in 1906, ELGO (formerly known as LEGO) have been a pioneer in developing watering products for the home and gardening market, and the first to introduce the sprinkler and the hose quick connector. We offer a diverse and distinctive portfolio of irrigation, gardening, lighting and horticulture products for multiple market segments including home and garden owners, professional gardeners and landscape developers institutions and horticulture facilities.


Our well-known line of home and garden products can be found in retail chains such as D.I.Y. stores, gardening centers and hypermarkets worldwide, both under our well-established ECOGAN and ELGO Brands and under private label. We are a global role model for affordable, easy-to-use, amateur gardener products and solutions.


With seven retail outlets and logistic centers spanned across Israel, our professional chain operating under the Omer Irrigation Gardening & Lighting, is one of the largest chains of professional irrigation, gardening equipment and lighting products, successfully advising and serving multiple institutional and professional customers throughout Israel.


We are also a leading distributor of specialized horticulture and planting products, including advanced machinery, imported from over 18 countries under multiple brands, among them "G.N Agriculture", a veteran well-known brand for reliable innovative horticulture equipment and professional services.  


Our unique and advanced logistic capabilities allowing an effective next-day-delivery, with our highly trained professional staff across our retail outlets and logistic centers, provide us with the ability to lead the provision of modernized, cost-effective low and high-volume solutions for multiple landscape, gardening and horticulture markets in Israel and abroad.