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Established in 1906, Elgo Irrigation pioneered the irrigation market and is proud to be the inventor of the sprinkler .


Now more than a hundred years later, Elgo's products are recognized in over 80 countries with a leading reliable, versatile and gardener-friendly reputation. From quick connector hose-ends, to pop-up sprinklers, micro-irrigation and gardener hobby kits, Elgo provides fun and easy-to-use solutions for home or commercial use. Whether tending to a backyard or patio garden or maintaining municipal flowerbeds and shrubbery, Elgo’s water-saving solutions provide just the right amount of water for every plant every time.


Known for its versatile product line, reliability, innovation & practical ideas, Elgo's high quality products have created unmatched benchmark for the home irrigation market while setting role model for affordable, easy-to-use gardener products.


Elgo's wide range of home gardening products are sold through 5 continents under “Elgo” brand and/or under Private Label, and are placed on the shelves of leading retailers in Europe and around the world.

Combining nearly a century of experience with the very latest in irrigation innovations, Elgo is committed to meet the growing needs of its customers worldwide.