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Flex Grow Foldable Growing Containers


FlexGrow is a new solution for growing of vegetables, herbs and flowers in hobby greenhouses, patios and raised beds.
FlexGrow is a foldable planter which is based on experience with the commercial soils and agricultural plants industry.



  Roots can seek and share water and fertilizers all over the container space.

Climate and Humidity conditions:  

  Better aeration, temperature moderation and humidity circulation.

Water saving Irrigation:

  A simple and low cost system is enough, and used less water.


  The previous crop is easily removed in one piece from the container.

  New plants can be easily planted after sterilization.



- Ideal for hobby greenhouse and patios.

- Fully recycled and recyclable material.

- Fun and easy to assemble.

- Compact packaging.

- Made of light and strong polypropylene. UV resistant.

- Cost effective growing volume.

  Flex Grow
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